Astronomy sessions

Tambor del Llano space free of light pollution, with a commitment to defend the quality of the night sky


An extraordinary opportunity to contemplate the sky in the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park

  1. OBSERVING VENUS. The evening astronomy session begins before dinner with a presentation on the activity and observation of the planet Venus.
  3. ESTELLARIO. With the naked eye and through the telescope. Continue after dinner in the stellar, a space located in the highest part of the farm where we will arrive after a short walk. Once settled in the stellar we will begin the practical observation session through which we will learn to look at the night sky, with the naked eye and through the telescope.
Astronomy sessions


DRACONIDS. Meteor shower

The Starfall of the Draconids is one of the most outstanding rains, it occurs in the month of October although its peak of intensity will be between Thursday 8 and Friday 9 October,

On these dates there will also be the passage of comet 21 / P Giacobini-Zinner, from which the Draconids are derived. "Shooting stars" are, in fact, generated by debris and dust that burn when they come into contact with the Earth's atmosphere.

Presentation and welcome

Before dinner there will be a presentation of the activity and we will observe the planet Venus.

The celestial sphere moves in our eyes but what really moves is the Earth that rotates from west to east. That is why we see the stars or planets appear in the East and hide in the West.

A sea of ​​stars and the Milky Way above our heads

Put yourself in situation

Recognize the four planetary cardinal points.

By day, the sun gives us the key.
The brightest stars
Constellations of Spring, summer, autumn and constellations of the northern hemisphere.

Recognize and name

Figures and stars of the constellations
Celestial objects
The planisphere to locate the stars with the naked eye

In the eyes of ancient farmers


The sky and the constellations of the month
The stars mark the weather conditions for us

The constellations of the Northern Hemisphere

Andromeda, Auriga, Bootes, Canes Venatici, Coma Berenices, Corona Borealis, Cygnus, Hercules, Leo Minor, Lyra, Pegasus, Perseus, Sagitta, Triangulum and Vulpecula.


Advance reservation

  • October 09  Starfall Session: Draconids
  • October 30

The selected dates are based on the best conditions for observing the night sky

50% is paid when making the reservation and the rest at the hotel in cash or by card.

Free cancellation up to 7 days before the reserved date.
If you cancel less than 7 days before the reservation, you must pay 50% of the amount.


Astronomy nights pack rates. Session + accommodation for two people and half board

Double room
From 251 €
Comfort room
From 259 €
Superior room
From 286 €
Rate for people NOT staying
25 €
  • Prices for two people
  • Two nights in the chosen modality
  • Half pension. Breakfast and dinner for two
  • Prices include taxes and insurance
  • Free activity for children under 12 years old
  • Program directed and guided by specialists
  • No prior knowledge is required
  • The program will be adapted according to the circumstances