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We tell you about a special day in the three-day horseback excursion Tambor del Llano-Benamahoma-Zahara de la Sierra-Tambor del Llano that we have done with the tireless riders Natalie and Franc.
At 10 am we find ourselves at the beautiful Venta el Bujío, one of the ends of the Majaceite river route between Benamahoma and the forest. We cross the Majaceite, with its fresh smell of fig trees, and we begin the ascent through an old path that then enters what is called the “Belgian farm”. Let's hope the path will be reopened soon, cleaning it of vegetation!
As we go up, Benamahoma shrinks behind us. To the right, the southern slope of the monumental Sierra del Pinar covers us the sun. The previous day, the very steep Tambor-Benamahoma route through Puerto del Boyar had let us see the northern slope of that Sierra. The vegetation is very different in this area of ​​the Grazalema Park, much warmer: there are hardly any cork oaks and there are many gall oaks, wild olive trees, feijoas ... Of course, as we go up the beginning of the Pinsapar on the north face is glimpsed.
The first female deer appear running in front of the horses. Shortly after, while they drink, a large deer with grown antlers runs out of the forest and crosses the path to the other side. A couple of kilometers later we witness a show typical of the autumn of the Natural Park and worthy of a safari: in a plain a large male deer woos a female and defends her with his bellows from another male that, a little further up the road , he yells to attract the female and steal her from his opponent. The bellowing live and direct! {Gallery} Ruta Benamahoma Zahara 



The ascent progresses and the landscape becomes more alpine, almost at the height of the Pinsapar de la Sierra opposite, the vegetation is very low in ours and beef cows graze and look at us curious. From above we see Benamahoma very below. The road is now flat and, with a good gallop, we cross the plateau that forms the port: at the end of it, the view of Sierra Margarita opens to the left.
When we leave the Sierra behind, the vast expanses of the northeast appear before us and Algodonales can be seen. Raúl, our guide, tells us that on clear days, you can see Seville in the background. Raúl had not come here since 1996 but he spent many days of his childhood and early youth in these mountains, when this was not dedicated to hunting big game but was a hedgehog that sustained many families.
We passed by the farmhouses, one renovated and the other already in ruins, where many years before his father and mother had grown up and had met before she left for Villaluenga and he had to spend a whole day on horseback in their visits. But that is another story.


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Starting this Friday, July 3, visitors can make them by appointment. There will be day and night visits. The Benamahoma Cultural Center or the Grazalema public laundry will be visited among other spaces.
The city of Grazalema will begin its tourist promotion campaign for the summer with the launch of guided tours in the municipality. They can be carried out during all the weekends of the months of July and August in the morning and at night; and in two languages: Spanish and English.
Those responsible for carrying them out will be the technicians of the Tourism Department together with the local local active tourism company Horizon, to which the City Council has contracted part of the service. The guides, in addition to accompanying visitors through the network of our towns, will present our history, customs and local curiosities.

visita guiada Turismo GrazalemaVisita guiada Grazalema



We reopen the doors with more desire and enthusiasm than ever. After this period of confinement, we propose that you meet again in the heart of nature.
Exclusive offer for clients who have previously been to Tambor del Llano and have shared our little piece of paradise.
Until September 30, 2020
Rates VAT included for two people
Minimum 2 nights

Category Room




Breakfast and dinner


112 €


117 €


128 €

It includes:
  • Minimum 2 nights for 2 people in all room categories.
  • Expandable to more nights with this discount
  • Half board (breakfast and dinner)
  • Available from Monday to Sunday, from now until September 30, 2020.
  • To make the reservation through the web with the code that we have sent you or by phone 674 48 48 85
To enjoy a stay with all the comfort of our facilities, our services and activities, and with all the security and prevention measures set by the health authorities for this period. The Sierra de Grazalema is beauty, it is relaxing and it is a guarantee of a holiday without crowds.
  • If you do not want to move to eat outside the farm, we offer you a picnic or lunch by reservation.
  • Complete your experience enjoying horse riding, hiking, our new pool ...
  • Book your room now from our website https://www.tambordelllano.es/
The perfect plan to reconnect!

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Andalusia Day is celebrated on February 28 and commemorates the creation of the autonomous community in 1980
Take advantage of this holiday and come and enjoy a long weekend in the Sierra de Grazalema. Relax, beauty and nature, without forgetting the good and varied cuisine of the area.
Tambor del Llano is in the heart of the Natural Park and offers you the comfort and the best location to walk or enjoy the White Villages of Cádiz and Málaga
The place name "Andalucía" was introduced in the Castilian language during the thirteenth century under the form "Andalusia". It is about the Castilianization of al-Andalusiya, gentilicio and Arabic adjective referred to al-Ándalus, name that we receive the territories of the Iberian Peninsula under the Islamic government from 711 to 1492.
The history of Andalusia is the result of a complex process in which different peoples and cultures merge over time, as well as different socio-economic and political realities

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Tuesday, 11 February 2020 13:51

Come celebrate Valentine's Day

Celebrate Valentine's Day in one of the most romantic places in Andalusia

Tambor del Llano offers you comfort and a perfect environment to celebrate Valentine's Day. Spend a weekend with your partner in the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park and you will discover the beauty of these landscapes and the White Villages of Cádiz




Valentine's Day is a party that the Catholic Church instituted to counteract the pagan festivities that took place in the Roman Empire. It is celebrated on February 14 as a commemoration of the good works done by Saint Valentine of Rome that are related to the universal concept of love and affection.

The story goes that Valentine was a brave priest who secretly married hundreds of soldiers with their partners despite the prohibition of Emperor Claudius II. Therefore he was beheaded but during the days he was waiting in prison for his execution he saw that the daughter of the prison judge was blind and worked the miracle so he could see. During his transfer to the public square for his execution, Valentine gave the young woman a piece of paper to read. She opened the paper and for the first time managed to see and the first thing she saw was a phrase that said "Your Valentine" as a way to say goodbye. Some historians say that Valentine fell in love with the girl, so it became the symbol of love.
Archaeologists have found a catacomb located on the Maresciallo Pilsudski street (the Pinciano neighborhood in Rome) dedicated to Valentine's Day.

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