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Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park



The Sierra de Grazalema was the first Biosphere Reserve declared as such in the Spanish territory in January 1977. The Natural Park covers an area of ​​more than fifty-three thousand hectares, divided between the provinces of Cádiz and Málaga.
In the Gaditana province it covers an area of ​​36,600 hectares belonging to different municipalities that are grouped in the region of the Sierra de Cádiz: Algodonales, Benaocaz, El Bosque, El Gastor, Grazalema, Prado del Rey, Ubrique, Villaluenga del Rosario and Zahara de the saw.
While in the province of Malagueña it occupies the remaining 15,094 hectares of the municipalities that are part of the Serranía deRonda: Benaoján, Cortes de la Frontera, Jimera de Libar, Ronda and Montejaque.


The Sierra de Grazalema is part of the Betic Cordillera that runs throughout the Andalusian territory. The Sierras del Pinar, Zafalgar, Hinojar, Margarita, Labradillo and Albarracín belong to the easternmost part of the Subbética; while the Boyar Depression serves as a limit and constitutes the separation line with the Sierras del Endrinal, Peralto, de las Viñas, Ubrique, Los Pinos, Libar and Mojón Alto, Montalate, Blanquilla, del Palo and Benaoján next to the peaks of the mountains of the southern part of the Park that belong to the part of the Penibético.
The Natural Park of La Sierra de Grazalema has a great plant diversity. The Pinsapo (Abies pinsapo) is the most important species in this environment since it is an endemism, a descendant of the Tertiary firs that survived the climatic changes of the Quaternary and that, in a relictive way, we find in this environment and in the Sierra de las Nieves and in the Sierra Bermeja.
Other similar specimens are found in the mountains that form the Rif Mountain Range, in North Africa, within the Talassemtane National Park.
The best copies of Pinsapos will be found in the Sierra del Pinar and we will take a route to visit them, being in a Reserve Area so we must ask for the corresponding authorization to do it.
 TAMBOR DEL LLANO. Mountain lodge
Tambor del Llano is an ecological farm with accommodation located in the cotazón of the Natural Park of the Sierra de Grazalema, 5 km from the town of Grazalema and 25 from Ronda







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Tambor del Llano
Alto de Los Alamillos. Cañada Grande
11610, Grazalema (Cádiz)
Tel. (+34) 674 48 48 85
Email: info@tambordelllano.es


RTA : H/CA/01403