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Monday, 19 October 2020 12:21

Horse riding route from Benamahoma to Zahara de la Sierra


We tell you about a special day in the three-day horseback excursion Tambor del Llano-Benamahoma-Zahara de la Sierra-Tambor del Llano that we have done with the tireless riders Natalie and Franc.
At 10 am we find ourselves at the beautiful Venta el Bujío, one of the ends of the Majaceite river route between Benamahoma and the forest. We cross the Majaceite, with its fresh smell of fig trees, and we begin the ascent through an old path that then enters what is called the “Belgian farm”. Let's hope the path will be reopened soon, cleaning it of vegetation!
As we go up, Benamahoma shrinks behind us. To the right, the southern slope of the monumental Sierra del Pinar covers us the sun. The previous day, the very steep Tambor-Benamahoma route through Puerto del Boyar had let us see the northern slope of that Sierra. The vegetation is very different in this area of ​​the Grazalema Park, much warmer: there are hardly any cork oaks and there are many gall oaks, wild olive trees, feijoas ... Of course, as we go up the beginning of the Pinsapar on the north face is glimpsed.
The first female deer appear running in front of the horses. Shortly after, while they drink, a large deer with grown antlers runs out of the forest and crosses the path to the other side. A couple of kilometers later we witness a show typical of the autumn of the Natural Park and worthy of a safari: in a plain a large male deer woos a female and defends her with his bellows from another male that, a little further up the road , he yells to attract the female and steal her from his opponent. The bellowing live and direct! {Gallery} Ruta Benamahoma Zahara 



The ascent progresses and the landscape becomes more alpine, almost at the height of the Pinsapar de la Sierra opposite, the vegetation is very low in ours and beef cows graze and look at us curious. From above we see Benamahoma very below. The road is now flat and, with a good gallop, we cross the plateau that forms the port: at the end of it, the view of Sierra Margarita opens to the left.
When we leave the Sierra behind, the vast expanses of the northeast appear before us and Algodonales can be seen. Raúl, our guide, tells us that on clear days, you can see Seville in the background. Raúl had not come here since 1996 but he spent many days of his childhood and early youth in these mountains, when this was not dedicated to hunting big game but was a hedgehog that sustained many families.
We passed by the farmhouses, one renovated and the other already in ruins, where many years before his father and mother had grown up and had met before she left for Villaluenga and he had to spend a whole day on horseback in their visits. But that is another story.





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