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Saturday, 15 April 2017 12:29

The splendorous spring in Tambor del Llano

The splendorous spring in Tambor del Llano

We are in full spring. At this time the Tambor del Llano is spectacular.







Between the second half of April and the month of May, all our clearings of the cork oak, holm oak and forest borders are in full bloom. This year spring is a little late, and now that it is sunny and a little hot at noon, the rockrose rockrose, or ladano, has just blossomed. The majuelos or buckthorn (Crataegus monogyna) and the quinces (Cydonia oblonga) are spectacular, full of white flowers.

The lavender flower (Lavandula stoechas), one of the lavender species, contributes the blue color and the peculiar smell to the scrubs. Yellow at this time give the thorny buttes (Ulex baeticus) and jergenes (Calicotome villosa) but with a spectacular flowering and flowers with a delicate fragrance. The gall oaks (Quercus faginea broteroi) and the hybrids with Andalusian gall (Quercus canariensis); Quercus x marianica, have just sprouted, and the young leaves are bright green. The other rockrose species begin flowering. ! Come and meet them !!.
There are already flowering bushes of Moorish jaguarzo (Cistus salviifolius), and in the limestone areas, the white rockrose (Cistus albidus), with its beautiful pink flowers. Cistus mospeliensis, the black jaguarzo, also locally called orgazo, also begins its flowering with its small white flowers. It is the most abundant rockrose on the farm, and in mid-May it is a spectacle to contemplate it. At the end of the month you can also find another rose flower rockrose, more creeping and lover of poor soils on sandstones, the rockrose rockrose (Cistus crispus). All El Tambor del Llano is at this time a vast, wild garden.
Around the hotel there is a spectacular display of male marten or Eurasian macaws (Euphorbia characias) and brooms (Cytisus scoparius). We are doing all the gardening in the area with native plants, native to these mountains. There are many more plant treasures that are showing you their flowers, the streams are covered with the water buttercup (Ranunculus peltatus), the meadows curdle of one of the most delicate spring bulbous bird's milk (Ornithogalum baetum) species of the southern mountain ranges -Western Iberians and North Africa, the tagarninas (Scolymus hispanicus) begin to throw their tasty leaves, here in the mountains, and many more. Come to know the flora of these mountains of Western Andalusia,! They are spectacular !!…


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