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Monday, 07 November 2016 13:34

Tambor. A new horse joins our stables

A new horse joins our stables

The new horse called Tambor. It is an Andalusian horse with a height of 163 cm to the cross. It is brown and is noble and docile.

Andalusian horses are also known as the Purebred Spanish horses and are originally from Andalusia. They are a type of Iberian horse, like the Lusitanian that ranks among the oldest horse breeds in the world.

Our new horse Tambor, is of a medium size. What stands out is that this horse is strong and very vital, though still in a period of adaptation to his fellow gang.
The Andalusian horses body is robust and strong and have a long mane makes them really majestic and very beautiful and striking.

Tambor has a medium sized head and a long, showy mane. His eyes are vivid and expressive. It is provided, elegant and robust horse

Andalusian horses are often impetuous but if you work with them the way are some pretty docile animals. Horses are intelligent learning very easily and therefore are easy to assemble, so Tambor. Like their peers, they are perfectsos for walks and routes.
Andalusian horses are really versatile and are characterized by a balance that combines the beauty and harmony of its forms, his lively intelligence and a willingness to work.

 Tambor 1

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