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Tambor del Llano is celebrating the second anniversary since its opening

We turn 2 years! ?.
To celebrate we have published on social networks the second contest # tambordelllano
You can win one dinner for two (organic lamb raised in our farm ?) by answering the following question on the thread below:
  • Where does the name of our eco-lodge hotel come from?


The winner will be published on our social networks on November 28, 2017



View the embedded image gallery online at:

Boqueria, the small mare born in Tambor del Llano is barely a month old, is of Pure Hispanic Arabian Breed.
This breed is named after the two races that originated it, the Spanish Pure Breed and the Arab Pure Breed.
The Hispano-Arabian race was founded hundreds of years ago with a clear polyvalent functional vocation, drawing from the Arabian horse its balance, endurance and athletic qualities, and from Spanish its sobriety, intelligence and learning ability, always with the intention of getting a horse versatile, well prepared for work with short and precise efforts (cowgirl dressage, dressage, jump, fieldwork, etc.), as well as those that require resistance (raid, trec, etc.).
This breed dates from 1800 and is originally from Andalusia
The Andalusian Community is the largest census of pure Hispanic-Arab race with almost 55%.
Boqueria is the daughter of Zumaya and bears that name in honor of Joaquín Camprubñi, our dear partner who died almost at the time that this small potril was born. In this street Barcelona was born 63 years ago.
Boquería Street is located on the left side of the Rambla, in the heart of old Barcelona. It is known for its traditional shops of old shops, and the Café de la Ópera, in front of the space where the new Liceo Theater stands, one of the oldest cafes in Barcelona, inaugurated in 1929. Solo to name the Boqueria, surely already everyone knows that we are talking about Barcelona, and also one of its most famous markets. It is one of those narrow streets that characterize the oldest center of Barcelona, and which are now full of shops and bustle

Joaquin redJoaquín Camprubí, founding partner of the Tambor del LLano company

Monday, 19 June 2017 15:04

Ceramics La jara in Tambor del LLano

The ceramic workshop La Jara presents a sample in Tambor del Llano

Montse Hidalgo is the master craftsman who for years has worked with great professionalism, good taste and dedication in her workshop of ceramics La Jara, in Grazalema. The most important part of his ceramics is the creativity and delicacy of his pieces, but we must also emphasize that it is a ceramics free of lead and cadmium certified by the Technological Institute of Ceramics
Montse has left us in Tambor del Llano a series of unique pieces, so that our customers can enjoy and appreciate the value of the craftsmanship of the Sierra de Cádiz.
These are unique pieces made with exquisite taste and detail. This magnificent and creative ceramist, manufactures all kinds of pieces, from murals, bowls, plates, amphoras, bottles or trays. He also makes pieces of fine china on request. All are made and hand painted, their craftsmanship guarantees unsurpassed quality, guaranteed by the production of totally limited parts. With the simplicity and elegance with which they are decorated, it recovers the taste for the traditions and turns them into authentic porcelain jewelry.
Montse has a long history in the artistic creation of pottery and carries out in an artisan way the whole ceramic process of each piece.
Montse Hidalgo
Ceramic wordshop La Jara Montserrat Hidalgo Tel: 662 524 354
Web: www.turismograzalema.com/ceramicaslajara
 Cuenco nazari

17 rides or horseback riding and 4 circuits of the White Villages. The plain offers you all the information to make it easy and accessible to discover this wonderful environment


Discover our surroundings ... Discover the Natural Park of the Sierra de Grazalema and the White Villages of the Sierra de Cádiz

  • All routes are circular, depart from Tambor del Llano and return here.
  • Designed and made by us in Tambor del Llano
  • Routes are available in the free mobile app Viewranger. Just download the route that interests you and start walking following the directions on your mobile phone


All the itineraries have been designed and elaborated by us from Tambor del Llano

5 walks to discover our farm

Tambor del Llano esta situado en el corazón del Parque Natural de la Sierra de Grazalema . Hemos señalizado cinco rutas dentro de la finca para que, sin salir de ella y de una forma fácil descubras el paisaje y la naturaleza de esta Sierra. A pie desde el alojamiento tienes estos cinco senderos señalizados, solo tienes que seguir el color de la ruta que hayas elegido:

  • Mirador del cercado (Blanco)
  • Río Campobuche ( Azul)
  • Mirador de la Era (circular) (Amarillo)
  • Peñas del Tambor (circular) (Rojo)
  • LLano del Tambor (Verde)


 Conoce la finca


12 walking tours to discover the Natural Park of Sierra de Grazalema

El valor medioambiental y el grado de conservación de la naturaleza, nos sitúa en un entorno privilegiado y en uno de los espacios naturales más singulares, apreciados y exclusivos de Andalucía.  Te ofrecemos 12 rutas que te permitirán recorrer a pie o a caballo los mejores parajes, los paisajes más bellos y los rincones mas emblemáticos de la Sierra de Grazalema:

  • Tambor del Llano- Grazalema por la cañada
  • Grazalema-Tambor del Llano por el puerto de Las Cruces
  • Grazalema-Tambor del Llano por la Sierra del Endrinal
  • Puerto Focilla- Ca,mpobuche port la Sierra de Montejaque
  • Montejaque-Cortijo Zurraque-Campobuches
  • Ruta de las Peñas de los Brezales
  • Puerto Blanco-Colada de las Adelfas
  • Alcornocales de la Sierra de San Diego
  • Colina del Endrinal-Puerto de las Cruces
  • Cerro de los Frailecillos en la Sierra de Montejaque
  • Llanos del Republicano-Sierra de Peralto
  • Llanos de Libar-Llanos del Republicano


 Explora rutas entorno


4 Circuits to discover the White Villages of Cadiz and Malaga

Los Pueblos Blancos de la Sierra gaditana y malagueña constituyen una amplia comarca caracterizada por el alto grado de conservación de la naturaleza y del patrimonio. Se sitúan en las laderas de las montañas y presentan una arquitectura popular muy singular y característica de Andalucía. Arquitectura típica de casas bajas encaladas, con calles estrechas, zigzagueantes y en pendiente

Grazalema es en una de las zonas de mayor interés medioambiental de Andalucía, mereciendo la calificación de Reserva de la Biosfera por la U.N.E.S.C.O en 1977 y la posterior declaración de Parque Natural de la Sierra de Grazalema en1984. Su núcleo urbano ha obtenido la calificación de Bien de Interés Cultural en el año 2001, y el Parque Natural que lleva su nombre ha sido incluido en la Carta Europea de Desarrollo Sostenible en el año 2004.

  • Circuito 1.-Tambor del Llano-Grazalema-Zahara de la Sierra- El Gastor-Setenil de las Bodegas-Acinipo- Montecorto-Tambor del Llano
  • Circuito 2.- Tambor del Llano-Montejaque-Benaojan-Jimena de Libar-Ronda-Tambor del Llano
  • Circuito 3.- Tambor del Llano-Villaluenga del Rosario-Benaocaz-El Bosque-Benamahoma-Grazalema-Tambor del Llano
  • Circuito 4.- Tambor del Llano-Acinipo-Setenil de las Bodegas-Eñ Gastor-Tambor del Llano


 Grazalema pueblos blancos cabecera


Senderismo Guiado

Si lo deseas puedes hacer senderismo guiado. Te ofrecemos guias expertos que te acompañaramn, guiaran y te explicaran  todo lo necesario para conocer este entorno


Saturday, 15 April 2017 12:29

The splendorous spring in Tambor del Llano

The splendorous spring in Tambor del Llano

We are in full spring. At this time the Tambor del Llano is spectacular.







Between the second half of April and the month of May, all our clearings of the cork oak, holm oak and forest borders are in full bloom. This year spring is a little late, and now that it is sunny and a little hot at noon, the rockrose rockrose, or ladano, has just blossomed. The majuelos or buckthorn (Crataegus monogyna) and the quinces (Cydonia oblonga) are spectacular, full of white flowers.

The lavender flower (Lavandula stoechas), one of the lavender species, contributes the blue color and the peculiar smell to the scrubs. Yellow at this time give the thorny buttes (Ulex baeticus) and jergenes (Calicotome villosa) but with a spectacular flowering and flowers with a delicate fragrance. The gall oaks (Quercus faginea broteroi) and the hybrids with Andalusian gall (Quercus canariensis); Quercus x marianica, have just sprouted, and the young leaves are bright green. The other rockrose species begin flowering. ! Come and meet them !!.
There are already flowering bushes of Moorish jaguarzo (Cistus salviifolius), and in the limestone areas, the white rockrose (Cistus albidus), with its beautiful pink flowers. Cistus mospeliensis, the black jaguarzo, also locally called orgazo, also begins its flowering with its small white flowers. It is the most abundant rockrose on the farm, and in mid-May it is a spectacle to contemplate it. At the end of the month you can also find another rose flower rockrose, more creeping and lover of poor soils on sandstones, the rockrose rockrose (Cistus crispus). All El Tambor del Llano is at this time a vast, wild garden.
Around the hotel there is a spectacular display of male marten or Eurasian macaws (Euphorbia characias) and brooms (Cytisus scoparius). We are doing all the gardening in the area with native plants, native to these mountains. There are many more plant treasures that are showing you their flowers, the streams are covered with the water buttercup (Ranunculus peltatus), the meadows curdle of one of the most delicate spring bulbous bird's milk (Ornithogalum baetum) species of the southern mountain ranges -Western Iberians and North Africa, the tagarninas (Scolymus hispanicus) begin to throw their tasty leaves, here in the mountains, and many more. Come to know the flora of these mountains of Western Andalusia,! They are spectacular !!…


View the embedded image gallery online at:

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