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Wednesday, 22 March 2017 12:24

IX Cheese Fair of Villaluenga del Rosario

IX Cheese Fair of Villaluenga del Rosario
Tambor del Llano invites you to participate in this unique and enjoyable fair that is celebrated eight kilometers from our accommodation in Villaluenga del Rosario. An exceptional occasion to taste the payoyos cheeses of the Sierra de Grazalema.
Villaluenga del Rosario celebrates the ninth Cheese Fair on April 1 and 2, 2017 Artisan with the participation of about thirty dairies of all Andalusia. This year is one of the benchmarks of the cheesemaking sector at the national level. Last year, over twenty thousand visitors were surpassed and this year we expect the participation of some thirty cheese factories that show their best artisan products.
The program of the 9th Craft Fair is complemented by workshops and activities related to the production and processing of cheeses, aimed at the public of all ages. We highlight the contest that will award the best Cheese Cutter,
Villaluenga del Rosario, is the cradle of cabara payoya cheese and has for centuries produced artisanal cheeses, from the milk obtained from a type of goat native to the Sierra de Cádiz, the payoya goat. It is also obtained from the merino sheep, or from the combination of both milks. There are fresh, semi-cured or cured, but in any case they have all the flavor of the artisan tradition and of the mountains that surround the town, in whose pastures are fed goats, and that are part of its essence.
Currently there are seven artisanal cheese dairies in the area of ​​Villaluenga, and others in the villages of Malaga that border the province of Cadiz at this point. The payoyos cheeses have obtained a multitude of international recognitions, and are considered as one of the best in the world, for their artisan system of elaboration and for the climatic and environmental conditions in which the sheep and goats that are the base of the production are raised


Monday, 19 December 2016 16:04

Special gift voucher accommodation


Special giftvoucher accommodation Tambor del Llano

  • A  very special gift for those you love most
  • Give an experience !!
  • Offer a stay in Tambor del Llano for one or two people



Two people, two hotel nights, dinner for two and breakfast.

 DOUBLE room

204 €


Two people, two hotel nights, dinner for two and breakfast.


214 €




One person, two hotel nights, dinner and breakfast.


164 €


One person, two hotel nights, dinner and breakfast.


174 €

  • Gift voucher not valid for high season

You just have to call us or write us an email 

Tambor del Llano

Habitaciones 11

Grazalema, the best place in Spain to taste the best cheeses in the world

Sheep cheese Grazalemeña classified as the third best cheese in the world 2016

La Sierra de Cádiz es uno de los lugares de excelencia para disfrutar de los mejores quesos del mundo

Of the more than 3,000 cheeses presented at the World Cheese Awards held in San Sebastián in November 2016, Grazalemeña Oveja Cheese Emborrado in Wheat Bran from El Bosqueño has achieved the third place among the best cheeses in the world.

Este  Queso de Oveja Emborrado ha recibido premios en años anteriores  como la  Medalla de Súper Oro conseguida en el World Cheese 2013y  la Medalla de Plata del International Cheese Adwards 2015

Un merecido premio  que reconoce la gran calidad de la leche de oveja Grazalema y la forma de producción artesana con la maduración del queso en  una mezcla de trigo y cereales.

El Queso de Cabra Payoya curado en Manteca ha conseguido introducirse entre los10 mejores quesos del mundo. Este queso se elabora a partir de la leche de la cabra payoya, raza autóctona de la Sierra de Cádiz. La curación de 4 a 7 meses en manteca supone un extra  de sabor que lo ha distinguido entre otros quesos y  que los jueces han sabido valorar.

El World Cheese Awards 2016también ha clasificado entre los  66 mejores quesos del mundo el Queso de Mezcla Cabra-Oveja curado en especies aromáticas y el Queso de Cabra Payoya curado en especies aromáticas.

Con el nombre de Payoyo se conoce a uno de los tipos de quesos artesanales que se producen en la provincia de Cádiz, en concreto en Grazalema y Villaluenga del Rosario, El queso payoyo proviene de un tipo de cabra autóctona de la Sierra de Cádiz, la conocida como “cabra payoya”, de cuya leche se obtiene un queso totalmente ecológico y delicioso. Hay que destacar, que el queso Payoyo es una marca y no una denominación de origen.

ovejas inicio



Monday, 07 November 2016 13:34

Tambor. A new horse joins our stables

A new horse joins our stables

The new horse called Tambor. It is an Andalusian horse with a height of 163 cm to the cross. It is brown and is noble and docile.

Andalusian horses are also known as the Purebred Spanish horses and are originally from Andalusia. They are a type of Iberian horse, like the Lusitanian that ranks among the oldest horse breeds in the world.

Our new horse Tambor, is of a medium size. What stands out is that this horse is strong and very vital, though still in a period of adaptation to his fellow gang.
The Andalusian horses body is robust and strong and have a long mane makes them really majestic and very beautiful and striking.

Tambor has a medium sized head and a long, showy mane. His eyes are vivid and expressive. It is provided, elegant and robust horse

Andalusian horses are often impetuous but if you work with them the way are some pretty docile animals. Horses are intelligent learning very easily and therefore are easy to assemble, so Tambor. Like their peers, they are perfectsos for walks and routes.
Andalusian horses are really versatile and are characterized by a balance that combines the beauty and harmony of its forms, his lively intelligence and a willingness to work.

 Tambor 1

Tambor del Llano ofrece una experiencia de agroturismo y gastronomía basada en nuestra  cabaña de oveja merina de Grazalema,  con dos opciones a elegir:

  • Pack de agroturismo para fin de semana :Ruta de la Cabra Payoya y la Oveja Merina
  • Experiencia y taller  “Así viven nuestras ovejas“






1º Pack agroturismo fin de semana: Ruta gastronómica del cordero merino"

27-28-29 de mayo de 2016. Consultar próximas fechas

Oferta especial para ese fin de semana que incluye:

  • Dos noches de alojamiento
  • Participación en el programa “Así viven nuestras ovejas” / Tambor del Llano un rebaño ecológico de ovejas de raza merina de Grazalema
  • 2 tickets por persona para la ruta de la Tapa de Cordero Merino y Cabra Payoya, viernes y sábado
  • Menú degustación de cordero merino, en Tambor del Llano(domingo29 al mediodía).
Precio por persona
Habitación doble estandar compartida 115 €
Habitación doble extra compartida 120 €
Habitación doble de uso individual 175 €


2º Experiencia y taller  “Así viven nuestras ovejas“

Taller y visita guiada al Tambor del Llano que permite ver cómo vive un rebaño de ovejas merinas de Grazalema, en régimen extensivo y producción ecológica:

  • La finca, el aprisco, gestión de pastos, dieta, reproducción, ordeño.
  • Taller de esquilado, cardado e hilado de lana.
Precio por persona: 5 €
  • Duración: 2 horas
  • Grupo máximo de 20 personas
  • Horario: Sábado 28 :17’00 – 19’00
  • Domingo 29 : 10’30--‐ 12’30

Adopta una oveja merina

Ademas te proponemos un plan especial que consiste en “Adoptar  una Oveja Merina”. inicativa  promovida por Tambor del Llano.



TLF. : 674 484 885



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