Double Rooms

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From: 84 €



Double bed
Pets (room 2 and 3)

Double rooms have a view to the forest. Two of them (#2 and #3) have their own terrace, a private entrance from the garden, and are prepared to host pets. The other two are upstairs and feature a small balcony. They all have a king-size bed or two individual beds, a bathroom without windows, A/C, heater, and free WI-FI.

Temporary bed
20 € / Night
Children from 3 to 6 years old without extra bed
10 € / Night
Cot for children under 3 years
20 € / Night
20 € / Night
8 €
Breakfast under 12 years
5 €
Dinner menu for children under 12 years old
15 €
Dinner menu
25 € / Person
Special ecological lamb or wild fish menu
40 € / Person
8 € / Person
Picnic Basket
10 € / Person
8 €

Breakfast for two people per room

Complete your stay and enjoy

Special lamb or fish menu dinner / per person
40 €
Bottle of champagne in the room
18 €
Chocolates or fruit in the room
6 €
1 hour massage
60 €
1 hour horse ride / per person (For 4 or more people)
30 €
2 hours horse ride per 2 persons
100 €
Yoga session of 1 hour / per person (Consult for two or more people)
50 €
Picnic basket / per person
10 €
Little cake birthday or anniversary
12 €


  • Please respect the silence of nature so everyone can enjoy it..
  • Deers and cattle are part  of our environment and might come very close to our guesthouse. You also might come across to wild boars or foxes in the area. Enjoy their presence but do not disturb  or feed them.
  • Tambor del Llano is in a wild area with a big diversity of fauna It is imposible to avoid accidental presence of insects, little mammals, birds or small reptiles in the terraces, public areas or even in the rooms. We recommend to  avoid barefeet in the installations and to use closed shoes whenever going out and we appreciatte that you inform us about any incidence.
  • We are in natural area ; water supply   and drainage, as well as  electrial power supply are limited. Enjoy  them but please do not waste them. The electrical system of your room is of 220 Volts. The water comes from a pond and it is made drinkable with a complex and well controlled system.
  • Keep the door closed when you should be in your roo mor when you go out .We are not responsable of missing values in your room.
  • Protect the key of your room. Do not leave it on the counter of reception, always give it back to the receptionist when you leave the establishment. Do never show your key in public places.
  • If you forget or lose your key, only the reception personnel is authorized to facilitate you a new key to open your room.
  • Never allow people to enter your room for services or  with deliveries that have not been asked for.
  • Do not hang clothes on the railing of balconies or  the terrace.
  • If you discover some type of deterioration, damage or anomaly, please, inform the reception personnel of it.
  • Respect the room area during the night and the siesta time, and in general, avoid making noise unnecessarily.
  • Rogamos utilice las instalaciones adecuadamente, respetando el mobiliario y el entorno, asi como a los animales  silvestres y de la granja. Please, use the facilities suitably, respecting the furniture and the environment ase well as cattle..    
  • Please, respect the schedules of all the facilities and services of the establishment.
  • We thank you for your participation in case that during your stay in the establishment, there were some disaster or evacuation practices.
  • Some schedules can be changed according to the season. Some schedules can be changed according to the season.  


Guests’ personal data can be incorporated to our files for purely promotional aims. The guests will be able to access them at any time for their rectification, modification or total or partial cancellation just by asking for it by any means to the establishment; in accordance with the Statutory Law 15/1999, of 13th of December, of Protection of Personal Data.

*According to Artº 13 of Decree 47/2004, of 10th of February, of Hotel Establishments, OFFICIAL GAZETTE OF THE ANDALUSIAN REGIONAL GOVERNMENT Nº 42, of 2nd of March of 2004, the establishment has the following Regulations of Internal Regime that will be legally binding for the clients of the establishment. 

The hotel establishment will be able to have a Regulation of Internal Regime where legally binding rules will be stated for the users during the stay. 

  1. Regulations of Internal Regime will specify at least, the conditions of admission, the coexistence and working rules, as well as all those things that allow and help the normal enjoyment of the facilities, equipment and services. 
  2. The owners or employees of the hotel establishment will be able to ask the police to help them throw out those guests that break the regulations or try to stay in the establishment with a different purpose to the normal use of the establishment service, just as  stipulated in Artº 33.2 of the Tourism Law.
  1. It is compulsory for all the guests to present their identity card at the moment of being admitted in the establishment.
  2. Before the admission, guests have to sign a registration card. In this paper, it is stated the name of the establishment, its category, and its registration number. It is also stated the number or identification of the accommodation unit, number of people who are going to occupy it, services contracted (breakfast, half-board or full-board), arrival and departure dates and the daily rate. The registration card will be kept by the establishment.

3.Persons will not be permitted to enter or remain inside the establishment under the following circumstances:

  1. The capacity has been filled by customers already inside the establishment.
  2. Customers are not permitted to enter the hotel’s public áreas in a bathing sui or with no shirt. Please, do not Access the public áreas with riding boots or trekking shoes with mud.
  3. The person does not meet minimum hygiene standards.
  4. The person acts violently, particularly when he/she behaves aggressively or provokes arguments, causes dangerous situations, or inconveniences others customers or staff.
  5. The person carries a weapon or other objects that may be used as such, unless he/she is, in accordance with that established by the specific applicable regulation in force, a member of the police and security force or private bodyguard belonging to private companies, and has accessed the establishment as part of his/her duties.
  6. When the person is consuming drugs, narcotic or psychotropic substances, or shows symptoms of having done so, as well as persons who show clear signs of being drunk or drunken behaviour. Persons will be removed from the premises when they have deliberately damaged the facilities, caused disputes or disturbances, especially in response to complaints from other customers whose peace and privacy they are disturbing. In such cases, the hotel may call on the assistance of the competent police authority.
  7. Persons will also be removed who, being of sound mind, attack, intimidate or humiliate hotel staff.
  8. Persons with pets may not enter the publica areas of the establishment, with the exception of persons accompanied by guide dogs, in accordance with Law 5/1998 of November regarding the use, in Andalusia, of guide dogs by visually impaired persons.
  9. Hosts with pets will only be allowed in ground floorr roomas, with direct Access from the exterior; pets must be kept in the terrace of each roo mor in any other location agreed with the direction.
  1. Electrical or gas-powered devices are not allowed in guestrooms, with the exception of those used in personal hygiene such as electric razors, hair dryers, etc.
  2. Meals not served by the hostel are not admitted in the public spaces and terraces  or in the rooms.
  3. Customers must pay for the services contracted when they receive their bill.
  4. Personal checks are not accepted as a method of payment for bills.
  5. If a person has consumed any food or drink at the hotel and is then subject to removal from the premises for the reasons stated in Point 1, said person must pay for what he/she has consumed as well as any damages caused.
  6. The Hostel might n request a pre-payment guarantee by credit card for the services contracted, for the total cost of the reservation as well as any extras.
  7. The maximun number of people per room will be the same to the number of beds contracted,: 2 in doublé romos; o 3 , in triplets. Two persons are not permitted to stay in a double room that has been reserved as a double room for individual use or 3 in a triplet hired for 2 people..
  8. Tambor del Llano does not take responsibility for lost or stolen money or valuables that have been left in the guestroom..
  9. Hotel hours begin at 12: pm (noon) on the first day of the contracted period, and end at 12:00 pm (noon) on the date indicated as the checkout date. In high season, the availability of the units of accommodation can be delayed for 2 hours at the most. Customers who wish to extend their occupancy beyond the time stated, without a prior agreement, must pay one day over and above the price of the room.
  10. Rooms will be cleaned from 9h to 13h.
  11. Breakfast TImetable
    Breakfast will be usually served betwen 8’00 & 10’00.Special arrangements can be agreed for guests or groups with special needs, linked to the participation in activities organized by Tambor del Llano.

  12. Other Meal Services
    Tambor del Llano may  offer dinner to clients who previously agreed a reservation; Between 20’30and 22 hours.

    Other meal services suchs us take away  picnic,  or lunch may be agreed for groups or individuals..
  1. Smoking is not allowed in any interior área or room  of the hostel . We ask the smokers to avoid throwing cigarrette butts in the open areas of the property and pray to be specially careful with fire risk.
  2. Guests are not permitted to consume food or drinks not served by the  hostel service in public areas or terraces, .
  3. If you wish to use the television or bar service  in the loungs or terracese, please ask in reception.

Access and Parking

We are is in a Natural Park , an area with  heavy restrictions for paving. This is why Access trail and parkinga aresa are done just with compact soil, and they become more or less dusty, wet or unlevelled  depending upon climate and rain . We  apologize about the inconveniences this might cause yo and recommend to drive very carefullu.

Speed inside our property is limited to 20 km/hour. Tambor de Llano is not responsible for damage caused to your car by  driving without caution or caused  by  other.


Small pets , under the custody of their owners accepted he could not seem loose on the premises or on the premises due to the characteristics as agro livestock farm and the constraints Reserve and Natural Park. In any case conditioned on the availability of rooms set to pet ownership . Consult the conditions of reservation or request more information


  1. It is essential to inform the hotel in advance that the client is accompanied by a pet, as well as the characteristics and type of pet. Except for dogs, cats and other types of small pets must remain in cages or carriers.
  2. Pets are only allowed in rooms with direct access to the outside.
  3. The stay with a pet has an additional cost indicated in the corresponding rates, to cover the costs of cleaning, management and extra care that this entails. This surcharge does not give the right to request beds or specific utensils, which must be provided by the client, nor to use furniture or bed and bathroom linen in the room.
  4. The owner will be responsible for the damage caused by his pet to third parties and/or to the furniture and other belongings of the hotel.
  5. The hotel admits a maximum of two pets per room. In order to stay at the hotel, animals must have a certain weight and size, except in the case of assistance dogs: The maximum weight allowed for the animal will be 20 Kg.
  6. The lodging of potentially dangerous dogs is not allowed in accordance with Law 50/1999 and other applicable regulations that develop it. .
  7. The guest will ensure that pets do not interrupt or affect the tranquility of other guests.
  8. It is not allowed to leave the animal alone inside the room. They have a ring on the outside to keep the dog attached.
  9. The room will not be cleaned while your pet is inside.
  10. The owner of the pet will have the obligation to keep it in proper hygienic-sanitary conditions, as well as to dispose of the excrement and waste it generates.
  11. In compliance with health legislation, pets are not allowed access to the dining room or common places, with the exception of assistance dogs, which will do so under the legally established conditions (Law 10/2003).
  12. Pets are not allowed to stay in the pool areas reserved for bathers or pets to swim in said pool, not even in season or when the pool is closed.
  13. Please do not allow the animal to climb on the armchairs or on the bed. Do not bathe your pets in the bathtubs or showers or use the establishment's towels to dry them.

    14, The reservation in this hotel implies the acceptance of these conditions.

    15. We appreciate compliance with these rules and we hope you have a pleasant stay in our hotel.

Thank you!



LOW SEASON: January, February, November, December

  • If cancelled up to 5 days before date of arrival, no fee will be charged.
  • If cancelled up to 5 days before date of arrival, the first night will be charged.
  • If cancelled afterwards or in case of no-show, 100% of the reservation will be charged.
  • In case of change of dates of the reservation, 50% will be automatically charged and the rest at the end of the stay.

MEDIUM SEASON: March, April, May, October:

  • If cancelled up to 7 days before date of arrival, no fee will be charged.
  • If cancelled up to 7 days before date of arrival, the first night will be charged.
  • If cancelled afterwards or in case of no-show, 100% of the reservation will be charged.
  • In case of change of dates of the reservation, 50% will be automatically charged and the rest at the end of the stay.

HIGH SEASON: June, July, August, September, Banks holidays.

  • Reservations canceled 15 or more days before the arrival date will not incur a charge.
    Reservations canceled less than 15 days before arrival date will incur a 50% charge.
    Reservations canceled less than 7 days before the arrival date will incur a 100% charge.
    In case of change of reservation dates, 50% will be automatically charged and the rest at the end of the stay.

PAYMENTS AND CANCELLATION FOR GROUP RESERVATIONS (From the reservation of 4 or more rooms)


  • 10% of payment at the moment for reservation.
  • 40% of payment 30 days before the group's arrival.
  • 50% of payment 15 days before the group's arrival.


  • The cancellation is free 30 days prior to arrival.
  • Reservation canceled less than 30 days prior to the date of arrival will incur a 50% charge
  • Reservation canceled less than 15 days prior to the date of arrival will incur a 100% charge. 
  • In case of change of dates of the reservation, 50% will be automatically charged and the rest at the end of the stay.

Contingency plan against COVID 19

La empresa Tambor del Llano SL dispone de un PLAN DE CONTINGENCIA Y PROTOCOLO DE SEGURIDAD Y LIMPIEZA para la reducción de riesgos frente al Covid 19,elaborado siguiendo el protocolo oficial anti Covid 19 para alojamientos rurales, en base a la orden SND/399/2020 de 9 de mayo del Ministerio de Sanidad.

Esta empresa asume un compromiso firme con la gestión del riesgo, asumiendo la implementación de medidas dirigidas a minimizarlo. Las medidas de prevención forman parte de todos los servicios que se prestan en nuestras dependencias.