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grazalema a caballo

Equestrian tourism in Grazalema

El jinete se acercaba
tocando el tambor del llano

Equestrian tourism in Grazalema

Trail Rides and Horse-packing Adventures.

Discover Grazalema National Park from a horseback.Based Riding Holidays. Horse estate at Tambor del Llano Ranch

  • Riders of all levels can now discover nature by horse in the heart of Grazalema Natural Park, a Reserve of the Biosphere.
  • Tambor del Llano (The drum of the plains) is situated at a crossroads of several paths traversing the Park.
  • Our expert guides can help you decide on your riding program

Have you galloped over the marvelous plains of the Sierra de Grazalema?. Do you know why the drums beat? ...  

These programs are designed for riders, who want to enjoy days of riding from the same base, and riders to be, who cannot compromise long ridings but want to learn what it is like to fly over a field on a horse’s back. But also for people, who want to accompany their horse loving family members or friends, but would rather take advantage of the numberless hiking paths, the iconic Pueblos blancos (white villages), our peaceful lodge views or take their car on winding roads to explore the National Park and stop at stunning Miradors. Every day you may explore different parts of the breath taking nature provided by our National Park, accompanied by an experienced guide, who knows the area, nature and wildlife. Do not hesitate to find out more about the horse trails or hiking tours offered by Tambor del Llano on our website: www.tambordelllano.es/actividades

Our horses

5 Andalusian horses enjoy life in Tambor del Llano. We also have two smaller asturcones ideal for children.


Come and find out with us!

The ranch has its whereabouts in the heart of the Grazalema National Park, near to the village of Grazalema and only 20 km from the city of Ronda. It fits itself into a precious and well preserved region; the first of all Andalusian biospheres and with the greatest variety of landscapes, wildlife and flora. The lodge is situated on the grounds of our ranch and is a carefully restored and expanded old farm building, which will offer a wonderful accommodation for riders. Be prepared for wonderful horses, classical dressage, and horse trails to nature. We find ourselves in a very wild environment, with the possibility to observe numerous birds, such as vultures, eagles and a great diversity of songbirds, and game, such as deer, roe deer, Spanish wild goats, wild boars, foxes, and many more. Our horses are well trained and calm and can thankfully live on our property’s pastures alongside their foals. Being of Andalusian or hispano-arabic lineage, makes them a gem of Andalusian breeds, and well adapted to dressage, with agile and far reaching movements.




Tambor del Llano
Alto de Los Alamillos. Cañada Grande
11610, Grazalema (Cádiz)
Tel. (+34) 674 48 48 85
Email: info@tambordelllano.es


RTA : H/CA/01403