We are a family to which various professionals have gradually joined to offer the best services to our clients and hosts.


Lorca inspires Tambor del Llano

Tambor del Llano takes its name from the poem Luna Luna by Spanish poet García Lorca. The quartet goes:

The horserider approached,
beating the drum of the plains

This is a beautiful literary figure to describe the sound made by galloping horses over the Grazalema plains, which karstic hollow rocks filled with caves.  A sound you will often hear in Tambor!

He has been with us from the onset. His passions are horses and he is an expert horse-whisperer. He makes sure that everything works in the state.
She is much more than the chambermaid Anywhere she passes smells like fresh air. She takes care of hygiene.
In love with nature and horses. He is a guide always ready to teach you horse riding or show you around in the Sierras. You can also find him in the hotel reception or dressed up as a waiter!
Ana Belén
She is the salt and pepper of our organic food! She adapts her culinary technique to make the most of your dinner with the seasonal products of our vegetable garden.
Chambermaid. Attentive and efficient at work
He coordinates the entire groups, organizes your visit and ensures that all runs smoothly.
Carmen is versatile. She usually deals with the Reception but you can also see her performing many other tasks
Second cook at Tambor and always helping with everything necessary to make our clients feel at home.
Ernesto. Our external collaborator, builder and expert horse guide.