Astronomy nights

Tambor del Llano is a space free of light pollution. We are committed to preserve the quality of the night sky.

We are certified by the Starlight Foundation from 2015 and our programs are guided by specialists.

If you ask in advance and for a group, we organize courses for stargazing and for learning how to use a telescope! A 10-minute walk takes us to Mirador de la Era, a privileged site to observe the sky and the stars. We start with an introduction before sunset and then learn to interpret the skies. 

Astronomy nights


Naked eye

Learn the movements oft he sky and enjoy a unique sight oft he milky way.

Find your place

Know where you are in the relation to the sky using the most visible stars

Know and name

Stars, constellations, and planets

Seeing like an ancient planter

Distinguishing sessions, monthly changes, and predicting the weather.


Previous booking required

  • 8 and 15 of May
  • 12 of June
  • 7 and 10 of July
  • 4, 7, 12, 13, 18 of August
  • 4 of September 
  • These date are chosen for specially good stargazing conditions.
  • 50% oft he payment by the time of the booking and free cancelation 7 days in advance (after that day, 50% of payment).


Pack astronomy nights for two and half board.
Double rooms
from 251 €
Comfort rooms
from 259 €
Superior rooms
from 286 €
  • Prices for two
  • Two nights.
  • Half board: breakfast and dinner for two.
  • Free activity for children under 12 years old.
  • Program led by specialists.
  • No previous knowledge is required.