Astronomy nights. Workshops and sessions

Humanity has always observed the firmament, to interpret it and to understand the physical laws that govern the Universe. Now you have the opportunity to discover and observe the stars from one of the most unique and suitable places to do so.

Tambor del Llano Astronomy Nights .Annual program

  • WORKSHOPS: 10 hours of duration approximately, distributed in 4 sessions throughout a din of week
  • SESSIONS: 2 or 3 hours long


These activities are aimed at all types of audiences and prior knowledge is not necessary.

They are the opportunity to discover astronomy in a fun and practical way. A way to learn to observe the night sky.

We have a stellar, a space in the highest area of ​​the farm, conditioned for observation. With telescopes and informative material.

Astronomy activities are taught by astronomers with proven experience in observing the sky, with deep knowledge in astrophysics and experts in scientific dissemination.

In collaboration with the company Turismo Astronómico.


We are certified by the Starlight Foundation from 2015 and our programs are guided by specialists.