Family vacation. Sierra de Graazlema Natural Park

Offer a program of activities with horses as the central axis and others related to the natural environment:
Equestrian initiation on the track, horseback riding, discovering the night sky in the Sierra de Cádiz, one of the spaces declared a Starlight destination, learning about the history of bandits, hiking, workshops and activities to enjoy unforgettable vacation days in the Natural Park Sierra de Grazalema. White Towns of Cádiz


5 Night / 6 Days

  1. JULY. From 9 to 14
  2. AUGUST. From 13 to 18
  • Single-parent families or fathers, mothers or grandparents with one or more children between the ages of 6 and 12 approximately.
  • Groups of a maximum of 24 people between adults and children. The program will be carried out with a minimum of 16 people


  • This activity will be adapted to the age of the participants. It is not suitable for children under SIX years of age. Groups will be organized depending on the availability of the horses. The last day there will be a joint horse riding route for parents and children. Horse riding routes exclusively for adults are not included. In case an adult wants to ride, a special price is offered to be arranged upon request and depending on availability.


  • Tell stories. Session of stories about the adventures of Tempranillo.
    We are going to discover the house where El Tempranillo, the most famous bandit in Andalusia, lived and hid. A game of clues to move and orient ourselves until we discover the ruins of the Tempranillo house within the estate. Identifying our position, reference points and tracks in the forest.

  • Night of observation of the night sky in the stellarium of the Tambor del Llano. We discover and locate the most important stars and constellations. Tales, legends and myths related to the stars

  • We are in the heart of the Biosphere Reserve of the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park, an environment especially suitable for hiking and contact with nature. A privileged space to get to know the local flora and fauna.
    We will walk along the five signposted routes within the Tambor del Llano farm and other routes of interest in the surroundings will be optional for those who wish.
    Route along the Majaceite river with picnic and bath

  • We are in Betica, one of the provinces of Roman Hispania. In this environment we find many vestiges and already archaeological foundations that testify to this Romanization such as the Roman city of Ocuri (near Ubrique) or the archaeological site of Acinipo, located in the Serranía de Ronda very close to Tambor del Llano. That is why we propose a workshop to make Roman mosaics, one of the most significant artistic expressions of classical art. This workshop is simple and practical. We will make clay tiles to later make the mosaic from templates or personal creations.

  • The Mill below. At the foot of the Sierra del Albarracín, in the Cadiz town of El Bosque is one of the last hydraulic mills in Spain that is still in operation, just as it has been for hundreds of years. The mill-house became a museum to give visitors the opportunity to discover the legacy that our ancestors entrusted to us, a hundred-year-old hydraulic mill, located next to the Majaceite River and in a unique natural environment. All associated with a simple lifestyle almost lost, with old traditions almost forgotten, and with recipes passed down from generation to generation.

  • As in the Thousand and One Nights, we propose you to tell a story and play with music, dance and others that you will surely like.


2 people: Father or mother with 1 child
From €1,200 depending on the room category
3 people: Father or mother with 2 children
A partir de 1.500 € dependiendo del tipo de habitación
Consult other cases with more participants