There are many ways and places to practice your favorite type of Yoga, sports, and meditation in Tambor: at Mirador de la Era or at the terraces by the pool, alone or with a group...

If you want help with your session, you can book with us the services of an expert Yoga instructor. In addition, we organize retreats, bootcamps, and other outdoor sports activities. If you want to take part on one, check this website or asks us!

Our Yoga lessons are for costumers only and adapted to your level. They can be for just one person, couples, or small groups and go for one or two hours. We start with a warm-up followed by sun salutation and then different postures, ending with guided relaxation. Of course, the program will be adapted to your needs and wishes.

Vinyasa yoga combines Asanas (postures) with Pranayama (breathing) in a dynamic way. It fuses moves with breathing and helps muscular tone, flexibility, and concentration. It targets both physical and mental development and is a great for detox and relaxing experience.

Teacher specialized in Hatha Yoga: Oscar Florez Baquero

Recover your energy practicing yoga in nature


    • A las 19.00 h. Presentación e inicio del taller de yoga
    • Práctica al atardecer
    • Cena
    • Práctica al amanecer.
    • Desayuno.
    • Tiempo libre: reposo, paseos por la finca, senderismo, rutas botánicas,…
    • Almuerzo.
    • Tiempo libre: actividades en la naturaleza
    • Práctica al atardecer.
    • Cena.
    • Tiempo libre: reposo, paseos nocturnos y observación del cielo, cine fórum.
    • Práctica al amanecer y cierre del curso de yoga.
    • Desayuno
    • Tiempo libre: reposo, paseos por la finca, senderismo, rutas botánicas.


35 €
25 €
20 €
18 €
Group 5 to 10
15 €

Price per person