Tambor del Llano space free of light pollution, with a commitment to defend the quality of the night sky.
Accredited by the International Starlight Foundation since 2015 and integrated in the International Network of Astronomical Tourism.

ASTRONOMY SESSIONS €38 (Between 2 and 3 hours)

Guided program by astronomers and Starlight monitors.
With telescope and other informative materials
Each season of the year has its best days to look at the sky and discover the beauty of the planisphere.


2024 DATES

MARCH. Saturday 9. Pisces new moon

 APRIL. Saturday 6. Aries New Moon

 MAY. Saturday 11. New Moon May 8, Taurus 

JUNE. Saturday 8. Gemini new moon

 JULY. Saturday 6. Cancer new moon

 AUGUST. Saturday 3. Leo new moon

 AUGUST. Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th. The Perseids. Meteor shower

 SEPTEMBER. Saturday 7. Virgo New Moon

 OCTOBER. Saturday 5. Libra New Moon