II Festival of the Stars in the Sierra de Cádiz, the night of July 8 in Villaluenga del Rosario

Jun 23, 2023


An initiative that seeks to promote the value of a heritage as valuable as astronomy and the right to enjoy a night sky that allows us to see the stars in all their splendor.

Organized and sponsored by HEIKE MAI (Starlight instructor and Specialized Technician in Star Tourism) in collaboration with the Villaluenga del Rosario City Council.

In Villaluenga del Rosario the lights will go out to better appreciate the quality of the night sky of the Sierra de Cádiz. A recommended experience to discover the beauty and immensity of the Universe.

That night there will be activities aimed at informing and discovering astronomy with a varied program that includes workshops on observing the sky through the telescope, informative conferences, a concert, yoga,... Everything to spend a different and motivating night.

A presentation entitled "How likely is it that an asteroid will come to ruin our day?", where the DART program will be explored and how it is working to protect us from possible impacts. They will also learn about the influence of artificial light on flora, fauna and our own health, providing a comprehensive view of how our actions can affect the environment around us.

You cannot miss the wonderful images captured by the James Webb telescope, which will reveal the deepest secrets of the universe and will take our breath away.

A concert by Ana Crismán, the only person in the world who plays the flamenco harp recognized internationally for her unique talent. He has just participated in concerts in the US and in Germany.

Visitors looking for a more relaxing experience can participate in a themed yoga workshop for adults and children called "A trip to the stars" connecting with the universe, or in a wine tasting at Bodega Tesalia, where you can taste wines from our land.

The solar observation will take place at 4:00 p.m. at the Mirador de la Villa and the astronomical observation that will begin after midnight in the Plaza de Toros, has the support of experts belonging to the Portuense Astronomical Group who will enrich the experience with his knowledge and passion for astronomy. Guided by them, they will be able to explore the cosmos through powerful telescopes and discover the secrets hidden in the firmament.

The papers will be presented by members and collaborators of the Cadiz Society of Natural History (SGHN) and a collaborator of the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias.

The participation of the SGHN in the festival will guarantee a multidisciplinary perspective in the presentations and will provide valuable information about our natural heritage. It is an association with around 400 members that was born with the vocation of being a meeting forum between amateur naturalists, scientists and environmental managers, which is a meeting point for lovers of our natural heritage in its different fields.

A great opportunity to enjoy the magnificent skies of the Sierra de Cádiz with all the facilities to get closer to the universe at the hands of all these experts who are going to participate.


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