Tambor del Llano involved in the actions of "Territorial Custody"

May 13, 2023

An experience that will make you feel and enjoy nature under the full moon

The land stewardship program is a "Set of strategies and actions through which land owners and users are involved in the conservation and use of natural, cultural, and landscape values ​​and resources."


We receive this initiative with enthusiasm and gratitude to all the people and entities that promote it, mainly the O-LIVE Environmental Association, the Grazalema 20-30 Foundation and especially the twenty volunteers who have come to the Tambor farm. del Llano to work on restoring the course of one of the farm's streams and protecting some twenty trees (cork oaks and holm oaks).

This will result in the conservation of the cork oak forest and will prevent the erosion that one of the slopes of this land suffers every year.


Since we arrived at this farm located in the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park back in 2012, we began the work of restoring and improving this territory that we found degraded by the grazing of goats and cattle for many decades.


Tambor del Llano includes pastures, old orchards-fruit trees, cork oak and scrub. Our project had the objective of converting this farm into a sustainable primary exploitation, taking advantage of its forestry, livestock and agricultural production potential, combining traditional uses with new exploitation programs.


This is how an ecological farm dedicated to the breeding and care of a flock of Merino sheep from Grazalema and horses has been formed. Forest Development for the production and extraction of cork in 11 hectares of cork oak forest. Agricultural development restoring the vegetation that had disappeared due to overgrazing and some fruit and vegetable products in the organic orchards that we have set up.

All this according to the classification established by the Grazalema Natural Resources Management Plan (PORN) of the Natural Park, with category Zone B2/Area of ​​Forest Livestock Interest.


Since then and after almost eleven years of work on this farm, the conditions of the territory have changed and improved significantly:


  • The size and density of the cork oak forest has increased thanks to the protection of each of the trees
  • Grazing has been limited, recovering the native scrub, the meadows and the vegetation that had disappeared.
  • The original channels have been restored that prevent the plain from flooding and the slopes from being eroded when heavy rains washed the land towards the Guadares River.
  • The organic orchard and fruit and vegetable production have been recovered.
  • The old olive trees existing on the farm have been recovered and cleaned up.
  • The old paths have been recovered and the accesses have been opened with right-of-way
  • Old dry stone walls that were used for agricultural work have been restored.
  • A herd of Grazalema Merinas is raised and maintained organically.
  • A wool recovery project has been launched in collaboration with the Grazalema Town Hall.
  • We maintain a stable of horses to develop equestrian and sustainable tourism, together with a small rural accommodation that develops astrotourism among other activities that take advantage of this territory.




Protection of about twenty trees and restoration of the course of a stream

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