The Sierra de Cádiz certified as "Starlght Destination" for astrotourism

Mar 30, 2022

Tambor del Llano, site of the delivery of the Starlight Destination certification to the Commonwealth peoples of the Sierra de Cádiz.

Antonia Varela, director of the Starlight Foundation, has delivered to the mayors of the towns in the area, the certification that accredits the skies of the Sierra de Cádiz for its quality for astronomical observation and as a preferred destination for astrotourism.

The act brought together almost all the mayors and other authorities of the 19 towns that make up the Commonwealth of the Sierra de Cádiz and took place on February 23 at the Starlight Tambor del Llano accommodation located in the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park.

During the presentation, Antonia Varela explained the qualities and characteristics by which the quality of Cielo de la Sierra de Cádiz is certified and highlighted as a Starlight destination.

It is about developing a project consisting of the incorporation of the region in the destinations accepted by the Starlight Foundation, an international entity that protects unique places for said night observation, obtaining the certificates that guarantee the quality of the Sierra as a destination for tourism of stars

Tambor del Llano has actively participated in promoting and ensuring that this certification becomes a reality in the Sierra de Cádiz. This is a pioneer accommodation in star tourism in the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park as it has had the Starlight certification since 2015.

We have a very valuable heritage, we have skies without light pollution and the will to make them known and make the public aware of the need to protect them so that they continue to be clean. The Sierra de Cádiz has passed an audit in this regard, in addition to specifying an implementation plan. Along with these objectives achieved in 2021, the training of 24 monitors who are already trained to be guides in astronomical observations, which took place at the Tambor del Llano hotel in June 2021, was also resolved.

Tambor del Llano offers an annual program of astronomy sessions and workshops in which both guests staying at the hotel and others who wish to participate can participate.

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